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Jun 14th -

Jeanie Marie
Jeanie Marie Member Comments:
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Jeanie Marie - Rating: 3.59
Imagine 100lbs of walking, talking turd and you get a visual of Jeanie Marie. When she's not working the streets for 7-11 money she's sucking and fucking on camera like a comatose patient. Her soon-to-be-fired pimp dropped her off at my glorious home in order for her to make enough money so they could spend another wonderful evening at the local crackhouse. I must be living dangerously since I allowed my unprotected money maker enter her mouth with no raincoat. She must have been a living,breathing petri dish of diseases and I now notice a rash on my balls upon further inspection. This waste of jizz is a flash in the pan but please enjoy the scene and think of this whore if you ever get the urge to quit school.
Jun 7th -

Shay Lamar
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Shay Lamar - Rating: 3.58
This bitch was hot. Not only was I ready to fuck by the cake I was eating but she wasn't ugly like most of the whores I've dealt with. I had to wrap my donbg to avoid getting polio and we went at it like 2 mexicans fighting over a green card. Her warm mouth engulfed my cock and I was soon showing no mercy to her uterus as I hit dat shit from behind. She told me that my jizz tasted great but then agains, whores are like the labels on food: They all lie!
May 31st -

Valerie Member Comments:
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Valerie - Rating: 3.56
You could show full sizes movies on Valerie's forehead. I must have been snorthing the shitty candy that I get from the black guy down the street when I called this winner over. She did have a nice body but that and $5 will get you a footlong sandwich from Subway. I couldn't wait for her to leave my house so I could fumigate the place but she did suck a mean dick. Her pussy smelled and tasted like pizza that had been left out for a week and I nearly puked as a result. I post dated this whores check for another year but she didn't notice it. She should be using her forehead as a chalkboard to write notes to herself about taking bad checks but I doubt she can spell.
May 24th -

Kat Member Comments:
pourvo****: another girl for blacksandblondes.
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Kat - Rating: 3.67
Super Minion has so much money that today we're coming to you from the top of one of my yachts. Besides, I think the DEA is scoping out my house so it was a perfect time to take things to the high seas. Kat came back because food stamps don't work when you try to pay rent in the Barrio. I was in a giving mood and my super powers were at their peak so I gave her another stab at my fat dick. Like all mexican chicks Kat was great at cleaning my cock with her mouth and I gave her some orchata for her mouth.
May 17th -

Trinity Lee
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Trinity Lee - Rating: 3.50
This skank enetered porn at 4:00 and was gone by 5:00. In between that time it seemed as if the only worthwhile thing she did was go to task with me, The Minion. She expected roided out faggots and pretty boys but got a rude awkaening once she realized she was booked to suck my massive dong. She almost left my house but it must have dawned on her that rent was due at the trailer park and how bad could it be to suck my cock? Trinity Lee was a bit thicker than most of the girls I party with which means that she's at least got enough money to eat. Fucking pig!
May 10th -

Stacy Jordan
Stacy Jordan Member Comments:
jcayen****: would like to see her in real action in blackonblondes coing anal
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Stacy Jordan - Rating: 3.61
Fine, yes her tits are amazing and her body ain't that bad. Shit, I must have been on a major comedown since I'm not being my usual self and cutting these whores down to size. You see, a whore with self-esteem is like a buffet without heat lamps; it just doesn't benefit anyone. Back to Stacy, she came by to suck the energy out of my balls and I was up for the task since my bank account has gotten fatter than my waist. She sucked a mean dick but I could tell there wasn't much going on in her head. She was one of the dumber bitches that have had the privledge of gagging on my money maker. Watch as her soul leaves her body the moment my nut lands on her ugly face. It's like butter!
May 3rd -

Vixen Member Comments:
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Vixen - Rating: 3.71
If Lucille Ball and The Blob had a kid then it would be Vixen. I was exercising my sinus cavity when I got the call that this red-headed cum dumpster was looking for fast cash and maybe a bite to eat. I got one look at her and knew that she'd only be useful to drain my nutsack down her stupid throat. My raging cock nearly went limp the moment I got a whiff of her poussy ( she was shaved so I couldn't tell if the carpets matched the drapes) and I nearly tossed my kosher cookies all over my home. I quickly stuffed her mouth full of dick while my nose kept inhaling the white goodness I've come to know and love. Please realize that this was Vixen's last scene since she went home right after, packed her bags, and got the fuck out of town............the town that The Minion runs........motherfuckers!
Apr 26th -

Asia Member Comments:
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Asia - Rating: 3.67
I don't know exactly what boat this Asian import came in on but it should have been hijacked by Somali Pirates. Imagine a hot piece of ASian ass mixed with the attitude of Rosie Perez and you get this waste of space, Asia. She was, however, a cock hungry slut who went after my cock like Godzilla went after Tokyo. I didn't want to get any MSG on my cock so I wrapped it up like a fortune cookie and invaded her pussy. Guys, they don't get much more ghetto than this piece of garbage who had the nerve to mock my weight, eating habits, and body odor. I couldn't wait to get out of their and hit the local asian all-you-can-eat buffet to pay them some retribution for breeding whores like Asia.
Apr 19th -

Ashley Jordan
Ashley Jordan Member Comments:
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Ashley Jordan - Rating: 3.57
Ashley Jordan is proof that inbreeding is still alive. I had her sent over to size her up for any future porn work. However, I knew that she wouldn't be a successful cock-milking machine by the way her attitude was less than stellar. Teaching these fuck toys some manners and humility is always a priorioty fr me much like making it to the daily buffet when prices are at their lowest. Ashley couldn't suck a dick if her redneck life depended on it and her pussy was drier than the prunes I eat because I've lately become irregular. I dropped my goo on those things she calls tits and was glad I didn't pass out from the stench coming from her pussy. I gave her the check with a bit of parting advice," Ashley, it's not a good idea to pick up guys at family reunions."
Apr 12th -

Missy Monroe
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Missy Monroe - Rating: 3.63
I gotta check hospital records to see if Missy Monroe was dropped on her head as a child. This weeks whore is a true winner and it's a wonder she can even dress herself in the morning let alone blink without being told to do so. I was sniffing my morning powder when Missy Monroe, a rocket scientist she ain't, came to my in hopes of milking my dick for " herbal medicine" money. I figured that since I donate to Jerry's Kids then I might as well throw this moron a few dollars to drain my balls. I couldn't wait to dumy my load on this waste of space since I felt I was getting losing brain cells each minute I was near her. I don't know what's become of Missy Monroe but it's safe to say that she won't be giving college lectures anytime soon.
Apr 5th -

Gia Member Comments:
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Gia - Rating: 3.32
I need to have my eyes checked since Gia resembled a holocaust survivor more than a porn star. I've taken shits that weigh more and look better than her. She cruised by Casa de Minion because she needed money for a lawyer so she could get her kid back. I say she needed a hamburger instead but that's just my opinion! I wish I didn't blow my load earlier on some other worthless cumrag slut so I could pop faster with Gia. Luckily, for her, my pussy eating skills haven't gone south much like her self esteem so I was able to enjoy sticking my tongue up where babies come from. Keep rewatching the popshot and you can almost see her soul leave her body and that's the sign of a job well done on my part.
Mar 29th -

Tiffany Holliday
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Tiffany Holliday - Rating: 3.76
Tiffany Holiday......what the fuck was I thinking when I allowed this street walker into my home? My nose candy must have been laced with something gnarly because I would have never given Ms. Holiday the time of day for her to use her mouth as a cock garage for my meaty member. She did dress like a little whore which I loved. I'm sure she had a shank in her stockings which reminds me to have all future whores go through a metal detector. I had a hefty check dangling to convince her that sucking my dong would benefit her, her bank, and her drug dealer. Once she knew where her bread was buttered she quickly sucked down my python as I treated my nose to somce candy since it had been an entire 5 minutes since I had last done so. I couldn't wait to drop my load in her mouth so I could go to bed for the first time in 10 days.
Mar 22nd -

Jayma Reid
Jayma Reid Member Comments:
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Jayma Reid - Rating: 3.84
When Jayma's not reading the Book Of Mormon she's studying the Book Of Minion. Jayma Reed is in a category of whores who don't make me want to toss my cookies on first meeting. Look at how her body is almost as flawless as mine. I wanted to make love to this Salt Lake City sweetheart and gave her a once-in-a-lifetime chance of swallowing my mighty staff under my pants. She prayed to the Minion G-d and begged me to unleash a popshot that would require the building of an Ark. Jayma has yet to be seen but there are rumors she no longer believes in G-d and I can't blame her seeing as what I did to her.
Mar 15th -

Tiger Member Comments:
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Tiger - Rating: 3.60
I must be happy to punich myself since Tiger makes yet another appearance here. Her tight latina body must have overpowered my good judgement when I had her come over. Needless to say she'd rather be at a lowrider convention than being around me but I paid the cost to be the boss. Tiger wasn't getting many bookings since she was a notorious flake, bitched on set, and was basically a cunt. I had to reshow her the teaching of The Minion. I wanted her to be able to be a huge porn star but not before she took yet another ride on the Minion Express. Her aim with peanut butter didn't deteriorate as she covered my face with George Washington Carver's contribution. I had enough and stuck my lion cock into Tiger's snatch. Once I donated my jizz for her consumption Tiger promised never to be a problem in the porn business and she'd always give me my cut.
Mar 8th -

Dallas Member Comments:
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Dallas - Rating: 3.59
Here we have another porn whore named after a major city. This porno reject with huge funbags told me over and over how she wanted to be a big star. She wanted to be the next Jenna Jameson and have a website with a trillion members. I tried paying attention to the rest of her monologue but was hypnotized by the melons on her chest. She knew she'd have to get down and dirty with The Minion and thought she was mentally and physically prepared to do so. Her rown didn't turn upsdie down as she was squashed under a mountain of my blubber and nearly suffocated. She thought the ordeal was over until I fucked her in postions that she now wishes she could forget. Much like JFK, Dallas was nailed in the head by a sniper bullet of my goo.
Mar 1st -

Ivy Member Comments:
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Ivy - Rating: 3.31
Ivy was so brand new to the porn game that I had to break her in like a pair of my xxxxxlarge boxer shorts. She just got off the plane, got in a car, and got to my place because apparently there's a big dollar sign on my roof. These stupid bitches keep telling one another that I pay top dollar to fuck these low lifes on camera for YOUR viewing pleasure. Although it's true, I don't like hearing the doorbell ring when I'm expecting Chinese take-out and I come across this emotionless slut. Ivy must have learned how to have sex from those old sex-ed reels from the 1950's because it was like fucking a corpse. Hell, fucking a corpse would have been a better idea since it would have been warmer versus Ivy's cold body. I couldn't wait to drop my load on her, send her home, and think long and hard about what I just put myself through.
Feb 22nd -

Lacey Luv
Lacey Luv Member Comments:
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Lacey Luv - Rating: 3.27
Lacey Luv has the look of a groupie and the brain to match. I could snort myself into a coma and I'd still be more aware of reality than this brain dead waste of space. She did have a great body which condemns her to a future of craigslist hooking and banging busboys in hopes of getting leftovers at Denny's. Lacey Luv bothered me during my special "me time" with my nose candy.She looked at me the same way my 3rd grade teacher looked when I told her the following:"Math will only be needed in my future to count the money I make off of porn whores after they drink my jizz." Lacey was told that a paycheck would be in her future as well if she swallowed my pecker like a double-decker. She did a below average blowjob and I was able to pop by thinking of "Mrs. C" bent over a sink,peeling me potatoes as I fucked her hard. I still got it bad for teacher.
Feb 15th -

Mia Bangg
Mia Bangg Member Comments:
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Mia Bangg - Rating: 3.73
Her titties are the best I've ever seen. Her ass was as tender as the roast beef sandwich I had the night before. Her mouth was as moist as the turkey that I had with that roast beef sandwich. Mia Bangg came by Casa De Minion because her boyfriend blew all his money on some bad stocks and she was near homelessness. I have a soft spot in my heart for whores who want to milk my furious dong in the hopes of getting some dough from me. Speaking of dough, have any of you had those new sprinkled doughnuts out there? Ooops, had a food flashback she was soon on her knees praying at the alter of Minion while her mouth was working my enormous shaft. My balls were not to be left alone and she knew that an average job would result in no job for her with a future of government cheese. I soon dropped my load as fast as the DOW has been dropping in recent weeks and she was soon off to some check cashing place since her bank account shut down faster than a buffet with me in its line
Feb 8th -

Estelle Member Comments:
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Estelle - Rating: 3.69
Remember how Estelle always loved fucking fat guys? She came back and wrote a check her mouth had to cash. I was involving myself in cleansing my nose when this British skank crossed my path and wanted enough money to wire back to Jolly Ol' England. Since my stocks were rising like my temper in a buffet line I decided to toss her some cash by having her suck on my Big Ben. She wanted to fuck me but I love teasing these whores by making them think they can earn more moolah by riding the Minion Mastadon. I drained my balls on her face and had a taxi take her to a local British pub so she could drink her memories of me away.
Feb 1st -

Sindee Jennings
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Sindee Jennings - Rating: 3.66
I was feeling a bit under the weather this day. I was on antibiotics and haven't felt this bad since I ate bad mayonnaise. Nonetheless, Sindee Jennings came over to make me feel better by reminding me as to why I'm an awesome human being and she's less than zero. I pretended to care what she was bitching about while dreaming about boning her on a mountain of spaghetti. Alas, there was no spaghetti today but I did allow her the honor of riding me like a bull. I still wonder why I give these no-name sluts a shot at stardom by using my name to further their careers. Anyways, I was running a high fever so my 2 henchmen came in and donated their DNA because I sign their checks. I then had them bring me some matzah ball soup and called it a night.
Jan 25th -

Hailey Paige
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Hailey Paige - Rating: 3.67
I invited Haley back since she worked out my nutsack instead of my gut. Look at those amazing tits.Don't they remind you of melons that are in season? Haley reminds me of the sweet,innocent girl who wanted to grow up to be an animal rights activist and not a cum-drinking whore. I took her into my lavish kitchen which looked like hurrican hit it (my maids have since been deported), and we fucked like 2 crazed hyenas.Once again I gave her the royal minion treatment as I beat her pussy into oblivion. Haley is one of my favorite porn starlets since she never felt like vomiting or nailing me with pepper spray.
Jan 18th -

Tiger Member Comments:
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Tiger - Rating: 3.58
I can honestly say that Tiger is the craziest porno bitch I've ever come across. She was bitching and moaning the moment she got there. Thankfully, I was way deep into my nose candy but I was so close to kicking her out in the cold. I almost didn't want her to choke on my dangling cock but there is a soft spot in my enlarged heart for crazy bitches. She obviously forgot to take her meds this day but my nice dose of vitamin c-u-m quickly made her rethink things. This is one Tiger that should have been put to sleep a long time ago. The bodyguards at my home have been told never to let her near me or inside.
Jan 4th -

Vanessa Figueroa
Vanessa Figueroa Member Comments:
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Vanessa Figueroa - Rating: 3.67
Have you noticed how cool my new hairstyle is? It's as dirty as some of the cunts I've pumped over the years. Today's victim,errrr, I mean starlet is Vanessa Figueroa. She's another whacky wetback who's crossed my path. I couldn't even begin this scene before I called in her id's to confirm her resident status. I then hung up the phone and ordered a pizza because there's nothing worse than having your cock sucked on an empty stomach. Vanessa needed the pesos so she could get her cholo boyfriend out of jail or possibly even prison. I'm always in the giving mood so I gave her my ragin' cock to snack on as well as a hefty dose of leche'. I think she cussed me out in spanish as she left but I was too busy planning my dinner to care.
Dec 28th -

Crystal Member Comments:
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Crystal - Rating: 3.75
I don't remember how I came across this winner. It was either a fellow agent, a suitcase pimp, or a Winnebago. This white trash slut had the same old song and dance about being a huge porn star. I quickly informed her that the porn wolrd can be a scary once since no porn sets are ever catered. She asked if she could one day buy a house and other naive questions that are common of new porn sluts. I lost my cool and broke the news that the road to fame and fortune was through me. She looked at me the same way I'm looked at when I fart during funerals. I can tell you for a fact that her mouth was a nice garage for my dick and her pussy as well. Crystal soon left porn for the good and now flips burgers to pay for her Winnebago gas. I get free food at her place since I've blackmailed her with this scene.
Dec 21st -

Hailey Paige
Hailey Paige Member Comments:
beerbr****: Poor Hailey, she had to fuck this asshole.
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Hailey Paige - Rating: 3.64
Hailey Paige is a personal trainer when she isn't stuffing cock down her throat. I was a bit tired from a feast of epic proportions. She came with a nice resume of trimming down fat guys into greek gods. I was staring at her fine body as she was trying to get me to lead a healthy lifestyle. I was sweating after 2 push-ups and soon my semetic charm won her over and she was mine! She couldn't keep my cock out of her mouth and I soon had to take her pussy for a test drive. I quickly wrapped the main vein and my immediate goal was to make her box sore. She is on of my favorite fuck toys and accepted my check with a glimmer in her eye. I must have gotten too much jizz in her eyes since the check was written out for $50 and not $5000.
Dec 7th -

Sophia Costello
Sophia Costello Member Comments:
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Sophia Costello - Rating: 3.79
I wish I knew what happened to this panochita. She's not and porn and her limited mental abilities makes her either : A lunch wagon driver, a pinata maker, or modeling for cans of refried beans. She kneeled before my dick in the same manner she kneels down every Sunday at church. She worshipped the mighty cock and sucked it with a blank stare on her face. This whore was truly worthless because she made no effort to appear to enjoy herself. I enjoyed myself by laying on top of her and almost crushing her. She was soon on her hands and knees which is the same way she got into this country from down south. She later told me she used the check I gave her to send her uncle to bull fighting training.
Nov 30th -

Alicia Alighatti
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Alicia Alighatti - Rating: 3.65
I don't care about the backgrounds of any of the whores I use. I don't care if they're wetbacks, jigaboos, or even guineas. Speaking of guineas, Alicia Alighatti interrupted me while I treated my nostrils. Normally I would give her a verbal lashing but it had been a few days since a warm mouth engulfed my pecker. She was giving me a song and dance about how she wanted to be rich and whatnot but I didn't give a fuck. My dealer was 20 minutes away so I had to drain my balls in her mouth rather quickly. She was extremely happy that she didn't have to fuck me but I did end up putting a stop payment on her check. I wish I could have seen the look on her face as the bank teller told her the bad news.
Nov 16th -

Sophie Dee
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Sophie Dee - Rating: 3.95
Look at what the cat dragged in this time. Sophie Dee is a black cock slut but today she's a small cock slut. Her English accent is so annoying that the only time she's attractive is when my dick is occupying her mouth. It was a good thing I was indulging in my nose candy which made her whiny voice somewhat tolerable. She came to me since her bookings had dried up and her brutal vocal chords didn't make a Hollywood trek seem likely. I had some spare cash to throw around since gas prices had gone down so I made her go down and inspect my gigantic rod. I dropped my load on her like the bombs in the German blitz and she was soon on her way to buying tea and crumpets.
Nov 9th -

Dillan Ryder
Dillan Ryder Member Comments:
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Dillan Ryder - Rating: 3.62
Dillan Ryder is no longer in the business. Hell, I don't know where she is but rumors are circulating that she's a waitress in some hick town. Before she was serving grits, potatoes, and pig feet sandwiches she was blowing up my phone looking for fast cash. I hadn't drained my falls since my last feeding so I let this worthless slut slober all over my knob. She had the nerve to spit back my own DNA right onto my washboard abs. I quickly kicked her out before going back to my "nose candy".
Nov 2nd -

Kinzy Jo
Kinzy Jo Member Comments:
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Kinzy Jo - Rating: 3.59
Kinzy Jo has the personality of an eggplant and the looks of a bulldog eating mayonnaise. Sometimes my standards are as low as a turd hanging from some dogs asshole (which she resembles). I can see why this flash-in-the-pan porn whore didn't make it big. She didn't take direction very well.It's a good thing she isn't a waitress taking my food order or I'd flip the fuck out. She sucked my cock as if it was a terrible thing to do. She looked at the camera the same way I look at a diet soda. All in all she was horrible. However, I did get her to suck my cock and drain my sausage as if I was her Uncle. Kinzy Jo..... please go back to whatever trailer park you made your way from.
Oct 26th -

Veronica Rayne
Veronica Rayne Member Comments:
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Veronica Rayne - Rating: 3.70
The quality of whores coming through my front door goes up and down(much like my cholesterol). I wanted to sample Veronica Rayne's, aka Mia East, body like 31 flavors, but today, only her mouth would do. I was tired of looking at her tired old eyes so I placed my coin purse right on them as my raging rod was in her gullet. Veronica's face was the perfect target for the load I blasted her with. My jizz ran down her face as fast as I run away from a diet plan.
Oct 19th -

Ginger Member Comments:
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Ginger - Rating: 3.40
Ginger would not be taking a 3 hour tour this day. This red-headed bimbo needed money to stock up her firdge. I found this to be a lie since she is in dire need of as many carbs as possible. She informed me that she could no longer sell plasma (big shock) and came to me because I pay cash for the freshest sluts to deep throat my massive semetic cock. She must have found G-d towards the end because she spat my own gunk on my belly. I had the last laugh as I had her pay my driver to give her a ride home. He then gave the money to me. Remember, The Minion always wins!
Oct 12th -

Pamela Princess
Pamela Princess Member Comments:
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Pamela Princess - Rating: 3.58
I wanted to give the neighbors an idea of what I do indoors and that's why Pamela and I fucked outdoors. Pamela was certainly no princess. She copped an attitude once she found out that the way to porn stardom is through my realm. She almost left my home but the amount of 000's I offered to pay made her change her mind. It's too bad Pamela didn't take my advice. She could have been a big star instead of a very forgettable whore that I allowed the honor of taking my cock. Where is she now? Who cares?
Oct 5th -

Aiden Layne
Aiden Layne Member Comments:
nice7t****: get rid of this sick site!
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Aiden Layne - Rating: 3.71
Aiden has a tight little body. She's also new and has yet to discover my diet regime so that's why this skank hasn't ballooned up yet. She came to the set with her suitcase pimp boyfriend. I made him wait in my very expensive and lavish waiting area as I plowed his old lady. He was playing video games as she was sucking down my joystick. He was eating the mexican food that I provided as I was sliding in and out of her pink taco. You get the point. Her husband asked me how to be a stud like me just moments after I dropped a fat load on his bitch. I told him to get on the phone and order me 3 pizzas at his cost. He refused. I kicked them out.
Sep 28th -

Lena Juliette
Lena Juliette Member Comments:
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Lena Juliette - Rating: 3.55
I found this cochroach working the local lunch wagon. I ordered a burrito with chips and paid with a $100 bill. She didn't have change so I then threatened to get immigration over (I have political pull), but she couldn't go back across the border. I then told her that she could avoid deportation by taking my ejaculation. Like a mexican jumping bean she jumped at the chance and an hour later she was taking my churro in her mouth as I kept my nose clean with some "powder". I dumped my load in her mouth which disgusted her so much she ran out of there like Speedy Gonzales.
Sep 21st -

Jackie Ashe
Jackie Ashe Member Comments:
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Jackie Ashe - Rating: 3.78
Jackie has made a small name for herself in the porn game and I like to think I had a hand in it. This was one of her first times fucking on camera and she has the "deer in the headlights look". I politely told her that if she wanted to be a big star she'd have to go one-on-one with the sleazy one. She was reluctant untill I told her that I held her return plane ticket home to whatever hell hole she's from. She did server a great purpose since I used her body as a food tray for my delicious treats. Silly whore......The Minion will find any and all uses for you!
Sep 14th -

Desire Storm
Desire Storm Member Comments:
rob837****: Desire you need to go to the Dark side you like it better, be a BCS and you will have much joy in life.
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Desire Storm - Rating: 3.61
If you blinked then you missed Desire Storm's career in porn. I was her first scene and I believe her last. She thought she'd get roided out guys and it would be one huge dating service. Her world came crashing down once she looked at my physique and mannerisms. Her background is in the Middle-East as well as mine so I thought we'd mesh well together. I would spray her face with my hummous and all would be well. I was wrong in every sense of the word. This slut couldn't wait for me to turn blast my own oil onto her face so she could wire the money back home. Good thing I used a condom or else I might have some disease like herpes, gonorrhea, or even worse, a case of the Cairo chlamydia.
Sep 7th -

Tiffany Six
Tiffany Six Member Comments:
tstevi****: The fatman's hilarious!!! Ticks, huh?! OK, Lunchbox :)
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Tiffany Six - Rating: 3.76
Everyday is a great day for a picnic. It's too bad that I was "in a bad mental state" because I forgot the picnic basket. The constant tick attacks I've been suffereing have ruined any chances of me becoming spokesman for any 12-step-programs. Anyways, Tiffany is a porn slut who is suspect in my supply running lower than normal. If she's guilty then she'll have to suck my dick. If she's innocent she'll have to suck my dick. Either way you look at it, I'm getting my dick sucked in my backyard since I'm convinced the D.E.A has my house bugged.
Aug 31st -

Joey Valentine
Joey Valentine Member Comments:
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Joey Valentine - Rating: 3.63
I don't remember much of this slut since she is really is a flash in the pan. MMMM, now I feel like pancakes. Anyways, she was so disgusted by the amounts of food I had that she even vomited on me. I haven't been that grossed out since a local Chinese restaurant stopped using MSG in their food. Joey, to her credit, was a trooper and took my cock with such gusto that I feel teardrops rolling down my face as I write this. No,'s actually sweat since I've been feasting since 4 a.m. Joey took my cum like a true champ but in true fashion I threw her out of my house since she brought absolutely no food. How fucking rude!
Aug 24th -

Tiffany Rayne
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Tiffany Rayne - Rating: 3.78
Tiffany reminded me of the hot girl in high school who ignored the geeks such as myself. What she didn't know is that the same geek would become a super stud and fuck porn chicks while eating the finest gourmet. Second, what she didn't know is that the road to quick cash goes through me. This blonde bimbo took it upon herself to turn my face into a canvas for food like peanut butter and hot dog buns. What the fuck are these whores thinking? In retaliation, I took it upon myself to turn her pussy into a cock garage for my meaty member. I used her mouth to keep my jizz warm and safe. I don't know where Tiffany is these days. If you come across her then, for your own safety, don't mention to her about the time she had one-on-one with the Minion. You might get slapped, kicked, punched, or all of the above.
Aug 17th -

Kat Member Comments:
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Kat - Rating: 3.64
Kat and I have gone at it a few times. This latest party was different seeing as how we were in a new home (I collect houses for fun) and her limited vocabulary had gone up slightly since last time. Like most of the other chicks I wrapped my cock so not to get the diseases those cesspools carry all over porn valley. I should have wrapped my entire body up as well since she threw anything and everything at me. This 95 lb piece of meat thought that I had gone soft in my stance of wacky sluts. She wrong as you can see and my raging cock penetrated Kat's box. I would have gone in her ass but you know how Mexicans really aren't clean. When was the last time you ate at a lunch wagon? Case closed.
Aug 3rd -

Laura Monroe
Laura Monroe Member Comments:
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Laura Monroe - Rating: 3.80
I flew Laura Monroe in from Eastern Europe. Growing up in Soviet controlled land made her want to go to the land of huge burgers, gas guzzling cars, and porn superstars such as myself. This seasoned cougar thought she was going to fuck 180 lb dudes who look like twinks. She never thought that I, a 330 lb man, would be the dick she'd be fucking and sucking. You see, I sent her a picture of my skinny friend when I first contacted her so she'd think she would be fucking some skeleton. She was in for a rude awakening once she got to my mansion. It was a good idea I had her return ticket home in my possession or I would have never nailed this piece of ass.

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